The toilets design comes in different widths, heights, sizes and colors. Installing a toilet is simple. Place the round metal rough-in 12-inches from all bathroom walls. Insert the drill bit into the three pre-fabricated holes in the rough-in flange and drill holes in the floor. Insert anchors through the holes in the rough-in flange and on into the floor.

Slide both of the flange bolts onto the flange of the rough-in, one on each side. Sit the wax bowl ring in the center of the rough-in between the flange bolts. Set the toilet on top of the flange bolts so they protrude through the pre-fabricated holes found on both sides of the toilet bowl.

Place the clear cap snap washers, then the steel washers, and lastly the lock nuts, over the flange bolts. Tighten the lock nut with a wrench. Tighten the bolts using a wrench and a long screwdriver.